EXISTENZ - Wolfgang Böhmer
Neue Ausstellungseröffnung mit Lesung von Wolfgang Böhmer
11. Dezember 2019  19.00 Uhr
Wolfgang Böhmer, 1970 in Innsbruck geboren, ist seit 15 Jahren als freischaffender Künstler tätig Über seine Reisen als Journalist in Krisen- und Kriegsgebieten hat er Bücher geschrieben und zahlreiche Vorträge gehalten. Er hat Philosophie studiert und beschäftigt sich mit den Fragen des Existenzialismus.
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Gentiana have been grown in Galtür as long as anyone can remember. Some families even made a living from distilling and selling schnapps. the right to plant Gentiana roots in the Alpe Tschiffanella (Großvermunt) is specifically mentioned in a rental Agreement from the year 1705. In 1992, the People of Galtür had to go to the Higher Administrative court to continue this Tradition. In November 2013, knowledge of the Locations as well as harvesting and use the spotted Gentian (Gentiana Punctata) was added to the list of intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria. 
The permanent Exhibition "At the very top - stories about Galtür and the world" is extended by the story of the Galtür gentian "Galtürer Enzner".

In November 2013, the knowledge of the Locations, the harvesting and the processing of dotted gentian was added to the list of intangible cultural heritage in Austria. The exhibition was completed in June 2018. As a special exhibit, an old fuel Boiler loaned by Albert Walter - can be visited.
International award for the Alpinarium Galtür
The Alpinarium Galtür was nominated for the Micheletti Award 2017 by the European Museum Academy. In June 2017, 2 Jury nembers, Dr. Karl Borromäus Murr (director of the State Industrial and Textile Museum Ausburg) and Dr. Hermann Schäfer (historian - founding president ofthe House of History) visited the Exhibition Center and learnes about the concept, the Research and Placement Projects, as well as the current events.
The Micheletti Award 2017 went to dhe GPO Witness History Visitor Center in Dublin (Ireland).

The Alpinarium Galtür was the only Museum to be awarded a special prize - a "Special Commendation".

The reason of the jury was: The Alpinarium Galtür has a convincing concept with a dramatic background, the unique atmosphere of the village, the charm of the valley with the impressive mountains and the solidarity ot the population give a coherent picture. The museum acts as a source of social cohesion and has become a model for dealing with ohter calamities worldwide.

publication "GANZ OBEN"
The book accompanying the permanent exhibition
"AT THE VERY TOP - stories about Galtür and the world"
in the Alpinarium Galtür.
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guided tours
Guided tour of the exhibition
"AT THE VERY TOP - stories about Galtür and the world"
week program

-   *guided tour through the exhibition "AT THE VERY TOP"
10 am, duration about 45 minutes
-   *guided tour through the exhibiton "AT THE VERY TOP"
10 am, duration about 45 minutes
-   *guided tour through the exhibition "AT THE VERY TOP"
10 am, duration about 45 minutes
-   *guided tour through the exhibition "AT THE VERY TOP"
10 am, duration about 45 minutes
BOULDERN (climbing)
Tue - Sun from 10 am - 6 pm

* leadership contribution EUR 3,00 per Person
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"Künstlerische Annäherung an 1999"
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