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Themed trails

Around Galtür

On the occasion of the state exhibition 05, existing hiking trails were expanded in content and developed into themed trails. A visit to Galtür should definitely be combined with such a hike. On the paths of these trails, you learn a lot of odd and interesting facts about Galtür.

In search of water

Hexenloch (“witches’ hole”), Gumpbrunnen (“pump well”), Deichelleitung (“wooden pipes”) - in search of water - water usage then and now


In search of water

The expressions “Hexenloch - witches’ hole”, “Gumpbrunnen - pump well” and Deichelleitung (“wooden pipes”) seem almost fairytale to us today. This thematic trail is intended to give an insight into the secrets of these terms. Visitors learn interesting facts about the extraction and use of water in the municipality of Galtür, then and now. Sturdy shoes are recommended. The hike lasts 1½ hours


Stations of the "In search of water" theme trail

Schnapfengasse - Hexenloch (“witches’ hole”) - the water supply from Galtür with the elevated tank to Gaffelar - Galtür sports centre - Gumpbrunnen (“pump well”) - drinking trough, Deicheln (“wooden pipes”) - Walserhaus - Kneippwal.

1,000 elevation metres

Explore the changing landscape (“Vom Wandel der Landschaft”) - from the mountain meadow to the battle zone of the forest up to the peaks of the mountains


1,000 m - elevation meters

Explore the changing landscape ((“Vom Wandel der Landschaft”) ) - from the mountain meadow to the battle zone of the forest up to the peaks of the mountains
This themed trail goes from Galtür to the "Grieskogel". It was created by employees of the Torrent and Avalanche Control and starts at the meadows on the valley floor, rises steeply to the mountain meadows and runs across barren pastures to the wasteland near the summits. You can experience the diverse flora and fauna of the high alpine terrain. Where there were once mountain meadows and high pastures, a new forest is being created under the protection of steel snow bridges. The steepness of the terrain gives an idea of the tremendous forces that arise when avalanches are unleashed and how difficult it is to reforest the woodland. This path opens up an unforgettable view of the peaks and glaciers of Silvretta. To master the entire length of this trail, surefootedness is required.
Hike duration: 2 ½ to 3 hours.


Stations of the path with 1000 elevation meters:

The trail starts at the Alpinarium and initially takes you, via a short detour to the west, to the avalanche wall near the harrow. On the higher valley path, you hike back to the Birkenhof area. The actual 1000-metre-high trail branches off after the stream. It leads up steep terrain to the driveway on Adamsberg. From there, you can continue westwards to the avalanche barriers on the Grieskogel. To the east, you can easily get to the Friedrichshafnerhütte.