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Permanent exhibition

Alpinarium Galtür

The Space Between (Dazwischenraum)

This room has no beginning and no end. This is where visitors discover Galtür’s history following illuminated ropes. Mountains formed, rising out of the sea, and became a place for the Walser to live and settle. Time and again, people have followed the call of the world – and necessity – as pilgrims, soldiers, Swabian children and smugglers; finally, tourism has brought the world to Galtür. The village showed itself to be the most self-willed holiday village in the 1990s. This determination was also the driving force behind the fight against building activities in the glacier area and the rejection of mass tourism. Instead, the glacier can be called here. Calling the Glacier is an art project by Kalle Laar. The Vernagtferner Glacier in the Ötztal Alps provides live information about its condition.

Sphere of Influence (Wirkungskreis)

In search ... of work, adventure, traces of ancestors and good ideas. There were always reasons for leaving the village, the valley – and returning. Such as Maurice Mattlé, whose granddaughter recorded the journey of her 90-year-old grandfather, who lived in Paris, to the family’s roots in Galtür. In the early 20th century, Albert Lorenz joined two Caucuses expeditions as a mountain guide. Why is Galtür, alongside Paris, Berlin and Antarctica, mentioned on Wilhelm “Bill” Lang’s gravestone in Stromboli? The Sphere of Influence exhibits memories, as well as odd and interesting facts.

A welcome guest

The travel and mountain painter Maria Peters from Innsbruck was in Galtür for 3 weeks during the spring of 2013. Not in the hotel, but in a tent, she disembarked in the historical Jamtal and painted the "Blue Silvretta" on site. This sphere is an account of the history and outcome of this silent adventure. (

Spherical coordinates

In this fully mirrored space, which replicates into infinity, visitors seek to orient themselves and may even lose their physical stability.  The effect of the room is accentuated by a three-part sound journey that starts with the inner self and travels through the history of the world. The sounds alter the body’s perceptions as it moves through the world and ultimately runs riot in the infinite expanses of the universe.  Where am I? And how many? From Galtür to infinity!

"Galtür - a village in the mountains"

In a specially built cinema hall, a film fascinates up to 80 viewers. "Galtür – a village in the mountains" is the title of the Alpinist and director Lutz Maurer's documentary of the avalanche of 23 February 1999. The film describes the emergence of this natural disaster and gives an insight into how this fate changed Galtür and its people. A touch of nostalgia blows into the midst of the most modern technology – the folding seats of the former Galtür cinema hall from the 1970s come into their own here.